• Hopefully that doesn't happen. That would suck.
  • I honestly don't think he will be assasinated... the only people capable of doing so are the ones who appointed this evil man to become our leader in the first place. and there's no "if" about it, he WILL be president.
  • I'm sadly giving it a month and a half... I'm estimating close to Christmas...
  • I do not wish him any harm I am a McCain supporter and will hope til the last moment he takes it but if not I wish nothing ill for Obama unless he does some of the things of my nightmares.
  • If he gets elected he'll be the most protected man in our country (unless it's an inside job), so there's a good chance he won't .. gets shoot.
  • he won't get shot..people are just really stupid these days
  • That is not something I want to even think about out loud. It would demonstrate to the rest of the world how backward some of the people in this country are.
  • Depends on your plans.
  • i dont want to see anyone die but im sure there are enough haters out there to try but protection has advance so it might and might not happen im sure attempts will be made. its the way of humans
  • If he gets elected you are going to see a security team like you have never seen before with a president..I would not be totally surprised if he gets himself a pope mobile. I don't look for him to get shoots..but I am sure he will be threatend. :)
  • Can you say "martal law"? more than likley within his first twelve months...he will be tested(so shall we)
  • I hope he doesnt get shot. I mean I have heard so many people say "Its a white house so they will never allow a black president", but I believe it is time for a change. So what if he is black, I mean, he may make a big positive difference in our world. Racism is so OLD already and for all those who are racist they need to grow up. I am also half black, and going to school was hard for me. I was always teased, but those who teased me were foolish because they were listening to all black rappers and singers. So that was pathetic. Racism is a pathetic way to live, but im hoping Obama does win and that he stays long. Its time for a change!!!
  • I hope he doesnt get shot at all. Racism is pathetic and all those who live that way are pathetic. Its time for a change. Black people are no longer slaves to the world. They are making changes in their lives. Black actors, Black singers, Black rappers, etc. Who knows, Obama may be the next best president. and if he does get shot, I hope they do HARD CORE punishment for the person/s who did it.
  • McCain concedes for once he shows some intelligence. Now send Palin home.
  • I may not at all agree with the timbre of your question, I acknowledge your right to ask it, I suppose.

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