• Why not? Women have battled for centuries to be considered equals. Then live up to it. Ask men out. Pay for the date. If you won't, don't expect to be considered equals.
  • I think that the person that asked the other out should pay for the date... also, if you ask someone out to dinner, dont ask them where they want to eat... you invited them to eat with you, so take them where you like to eat. Just my opinion.
  • Yes. It is better known as "dutch treat". Outside of that, the girl/woman may offer to pay whenever it seems appropriate (e.g., to old "I left my wallet in my other suit" excuse). ;-)
  • i suppose it depends on how the date went. If it's something that will continue then the guy should pay. If not, then they should split the bill.
  • I think if she insists on being equal to a man she should offer to pay equally.

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