• hella ya bcuz some gangs offer a chance to those who have any form of mental problems who feel unwanted and unloved and feel astho theres nothing to live for to have peaple who will make them feel otherwise and they help those who have no access to the items they need to survive such as money food and clothing and they help those who have actully hav no one to care for them to love them to help them a chance to feel love and feel like someone cares for them and to have some one to help them when there in need of it some gangs also help communitys by circulating money into the communitys and if you disagree well say somthen strait up to my face i dare you say somthen to tha big AB95 dueces dawgs
  • No. Doesn't mean they won't form though. The strong and immoral always form fronts to take advantage of the weak. Stealing from the weak and defenseless has gone on as long as prostitution. It is also easier than getting a job.

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