• For me it's Atlantic City, NJ
  • Mykonos, Greece Runaway Bay, Jamaica Key West, Florida
  • Dublin Ireland or Superior Wisconsin
  • BERLIN, GERMANY....Love Parade... 1.6 million people and lots of love....WOOHOO!!!....;)
  • New Orleans!!
  • Without a doubt: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! If you saw any of the World Series Parade for the Phillies OR the Thanksgiving Day Parade OR The New Year's Day parade OR just came into town for a weekend or longer, there's no doubt in my mind you would HAVE TO agree with me! My partying days are mostly over. I prefer to party with my family and a few friends. And due to the fact I'm going through my AB Friends list, today is your day for me to award you some extra points. Get ready! Aren't you glad you asked this Q? Aren't you glad I told you who did it? BTW, they were awarded from the most recent 20 or 23 answers you posted! The ones with the lowest number and the most recent date for those answers. I THINK 22 to 24 is the maximum number AB will allow before you are told to move on to another person. That restriction is for one week. I'll do my best to repeat it in sometime before the new year. Happy Holidays! Want to know how to do it? No problem! 1] Click on your avatar. 2] Go to your "Friends" tab. 3] Find the friend you want to award some points to. Click on that person's name below the avatar. 4] After that person's Home page is displayed, on the mid-left-hand side, that little grid with the Q&A break down will appear. 5A] You get "more bang for the buck" [you'll be able to award more points] awarding points for that person's Answers. Click on the underlined number to the right of "Answers" and the 2nd line below "Subs". 5B] If you want to award points to that person's Qs, click on the underlined number to the right of "Questions" and the line directly below "Subs". Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions.

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