• Yes! I do not know why, but they are. I had a spayed female cat, and she still would groan to get out at night to run the neighborhood with the other cats. The male cats would prowl around our windows at night meowing to get in and get her!! LOL
  • And anything else that about the size of another cat - including my brother's shin! lol But seriously folks... Since both the ovaries and uterus are removed in the Spaying process, I am not sure that she could attract a Tom (unaltered male) assuming she no longer produces the right hormones/pheramones. She could show some slight signs of occasionally being in season after spaying, but the homone levels that cause this are still very low (maybe they're just enough to make those Tom kitties go a little nuts?) At least I don't think the Tom would recognize her as a potential mate. I think he would think of her in the context of his territory i.e. threat? not a threat? Similar to how he would view altered males? Now, there is a difference between play 'humping' and actual mating. Sometimes that humping thing they do is really a display of dominence and not true kitty romance. But then again, Rocky was really into my brother's leg - so who knows! lol I don't think they are, but I am not 100% on that. My friend has two spayed females and she has never had a problem with Toms coming around to check them out. I suspect it may depend on the hormone/pheramone levels in the spayed female - some just got it, and some don't!
  • I know nothing about the science of the procedure and animal behavior other than my own personal experience, but I've never witnessed it with my own "6 pack of catz" - 3 boyz and 3 girlz, all "fixed." After an animal is neutered or spayed, their urine eventually smells different, which other animals must obviously smell and sense. But like I said, I don't know how it all works . . . This much I do know: I have 2 boys saved from the streets, at different times, where they were busy chasing tail as neighborhood "Toms" for years. They got into regular fights, often suffering severe injuries - which most probably attributed to both of them now being FIV positive (Feline AIDS). Before either of them were merged inside or neutered, they came inside a few times, without incident. Neither male has ever shown anything more than normal curiousity about the 3 spayed females and other young neutered male. The 6 pack ranges in age from 14 to 4, with everyone together inside for over 2 years. They are all fixed and all get along - or rather tolerate each other. Sometimes I see the 2 boys rough housing, pinning each other down with neck bites - which is a mating position, but I've never seen this behavior shown towards the girls - not that they'd allow it anyway - they came into the house first and don't put up with much stuff! I occasionally see some butt sniffing amongst them, which results in someone getting batted in the face - from the "receiver" and not from me! By the way, besides having AIDS, both males are in perfect health, though something could come up at any time and they'd be gone. No matter what I do with food or exercise though, both weigh about 15 pounds each. I don't push the issue, cause they don't overeat and they aren't fed more than the others, it's just the way their system chooses to be. And that's alright, considering how they grew up not knowing for years when or what their next meal would be . . .
  • I just had my female cat spayed and the male cat that was hanging around her when she got pregrant is still hanging around and still jumping on her back, but she just layed belly down on the ground and looks like what the heck are you doing.. She had 5 kittens before I had her spayed, I sure hope there is no way she could ever get pregrand again.. Got any suggestions..

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