• Not at the moment but that is subject to change at any time. Usually I have some sort of problem at least once a month.
  • My browswer started to shut down yesterday, but I reacted quickly by scanning with powerful programs and by getting rid of all free gadgets and widgets on my websites. The AdSpy/OneStep.AE was killed in the process. Today everything works as usual again....
  • uncountible...
  • Yes, my Win2k backup crate boots all the way to the logon display, but it doesn't recognize the mouse or keyboard. It's as if they aren't even connected. (Yes, I've replaced both mouse and keyboard-- no change.)
  • It's slow! Maybe I should start deleting some files.
  • My computer is running slow. I do not know why. Can you advise or help?
  • Most assuredly! I have that digital version of an abortion sometimes known as Vista. Whenever I try to visit a location on's VR site, and a "Flash Frame" is running, I get booted entirely off-world. I don't know what to do about this. THEY don't know what to do about this. And trying to weasel ANY information out of Microsoft is like talking to a Black Hole! Sigh!
  • Nope. I'm always on top of things like that.
  • Nope....99% of the time it is user error..and I am an IT specialist!!!
  • nop i m expert
  • No, every thing running along just fine. :) Housekeeping has been done, from blowing out the dust bunnies, to run Vcleaner & Glary, rest run themselves
  • I wouldn't have the foggiest idea. My computer guru has gone to sleep for the night, and my computer is working just the same as it always does.
  • CaptainHarley here are some URL for you and any other Vista folks needing heplful sites HELPFUL SITES FOR VISTA go to the freeware section, lots of free software that is vista compatible (also good for XP) for many Vista compatible software click download, next page type what you’re looking for in blue search box and new page opens this one is much like our site with post answers just on Vista Hopefully these sites will help you find the tips or software or maybe instructions on how to do that one little thing that was frustrating you. G_tech
  • Ya AB has me glued to my computer
  • Yes its running slow lately but I think I need more memory or so I have been told.
  • I've got quite a few computers at home. My Mac and Linux boxes are running fine, but my Windows XP system suffered recently from poor ATI drivers and failed to boot 50% of the time. My Vista machine runs as it is meant to - just have to wait for Microsoft to fix those bugs!
  • My Desktop icons have changed into Microsoft Blue E's Example, Yahoo used to have a Red Y. Rebooting used to temporaly solve the problem until I used Microsoft TweakUI to Repair icons. It made them permanently Blue E's. On a work computer that had a G for google icon, I downloaded Explorer Beta 8. The Google G mutated into a "new" Microsoft icon. I'm Using Windows XP Professional.
  • yep. I am online instead of being asleep.
  • I just cleaned up some problems. I decided to try Google Chrome from my current Firefox browser. I used Google Chrome for about 12 hours and My anti virus program caught 12 Trojan horse viruses. I deleted it and spent about 8 hours running bot checks and antivirus programs getting rid of all the crap that that browser let in. I'm back running Firefox.
  • Not really. Mewe decided to no longer allow either of the only three browsers that work on XP to access the site, so I'm down one social platform, but big deal!

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