• This has been asked before if you do a search under Jason Steed. The next book is out for Christams 2008. The next book will have Anthony Horowitz's name on the cover as author. It was a trail to see if an unknown author could sell as many books. Fledgling Jason Steed will also be relaunched under Anthony Horowitz's name by Philomel publishers. The first edition Fledgling Jason Steed under his pen name M Cooper (Somthing to do with his car) will be quite collectable. Its already out of stock on Amazon but available from other sellers and eBay. Anothony Horowitz's 2nd Jason Steed book will having Jason up against the Traids. The book is my favorite of his and better than the Alex Rider and Ravens Gate books, although they are awesome.
  • Anthony Horowitz's new book Fledgling Jason Steed under a pen name (Mini Cooper) due to a contract with his current publisher. It is expected that Jason Steed 2 will be uder his name. Thats due our Feb 2009 in the UK and June 2009 in the United States. In the book Jason Steed is the son of Raymond Steed. In 1941 the real life Raymond Steed was Britains youngest ever war casulty. He was killed at age 14. Anthony Horowitz used the name as a tribute to Raymond Steed.
  • I just read the Anthony Horowitz's new books will be out in May and not February. Alex Rider 8 Crocodile tears may 2nd. Jason Steed 2 Boudica May 5th.
  • I am a HUGE Anthony Horowitz fan, I read Fledgling Jason Steed after my younger brother read it and said how good it was. Yer dude it's a kewl book. I don't know why Horowitz wrote it under a pen name, maybe he is under contarct with his publisher, Fledgling is published by a self publisher, he must have jsut e-mail the script paid the money and sat back and see what readers thought. We are onto you Mr Horowitz, you have been busted. You wrote Fledglling Jason Steed. No the question is wehn is the next book out??
  • In May/June 2009. Horowitz did NOT write it. Check out Wikipedia:

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