• I used to work in a recording studio and we made sound tracks for commercials. Someone asked the same thing age's ago, and told them the same answer. Ring ad agencies and ask for them, as years later they chuck them out. If they won't give them to you, what is stoping you from recording any ad, replaying it while writing it down? Ok, so now you have written the ad down, now replay the ad again and again and really listen to it. Are the voice's happy or sad or informative? Get a tape deck and record your own version, then listen back to it, does it sound the same, did you smile at the right times, a smile alters your voice, etc. Ad scripts, do have comments next to each line, eg: smile, talk serious, or whatever, even timed lags between words. The best advice I was given, was to read a news story out of the news paper into a recorder, and listen back to it. See if it sounded like you were on the news desk of your fav news ch on tv! Hope this helps you!

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