• All US Presidents are targets for assassination -- that's why they get multiple layers of protection anywhere they go.
  • Ummm...I think he wishes he had picked Hillary.
  • I think all American politicians who want to become president of the United States know that.
  • God forbid anything like that happens, but I am sure the thought has crossed Obama's mind. I am sure there are a few people out there that would rather not see Obama win, for their own prejudice reasons not because they dont agree with his plans for America. I have seen some of those people right here on AB with some of their questions, answers and comments. Hopefully none of these ignorant people are crazy or mean enough to assassinate Obama. That being said I feel that Obama's choice for VP was not made because he feels the weight of the possibiblty of assassination. I feel he picked who he thinks is the best VP choice for America whether Obama last 8 years 4 years or less I think he picked who he felt is going to support him no matter the circumstances.
  • Why would you think that?
  • He knows and understands it very well, those are the chances for any person being president. What we the people don't understand is how much damage such a situation would do to our country, a murdered president is the least we need.
  • I didn't know he picked a good VP! when was that?
  • I think in this day and age it would be next to impossible to assassinate the president. I think Obama knows he's hated by many, but I don't think he's worried about his life.
  • I'm sure he's aware I mean hell Eddie murphy had a whole bit about the first back pres. in th 80's but I believe he picked Biden for his strength in foreign policy, one place Obama knew he would want the advice of someone with experience in that field.
  • I dont think so.
  • lol! could be.
  • That means Pelosi will be President.
  • I don't think his chances of being assassinated are high. I'm sure the security will be beyond just tight, and, I don't really think most white supremacists are of the type to take out a president. They are organized (to an extent) but they aren't tactical. They are more the type to bitch and moan about things instead of really do much. They will probably secretively love that they will have more to bitch and moan about.
  • i am certain he is aware of the risk, this has been a topic of discussion among african americans i know since forever, comedians always do skits about this so this is probably a valid concern but not a crisis. i think security will be top notch, secret service continually gets better with technology. He believes he can make a change, he deserves the same chance as anyone else who is qualified to run for president. everyone should have expected an african american to run for pres at some point after jesse jackson. he feels he can make a difference,let him try, look at how many failures there have been so at some point you have to stand up for something otherwise you will fall for anything. i vote for change not for color
  • With all of the bigotry in this country, it is possible.

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