• *laughs* Sorry I can't help, but it makes me wonder if you had a color blind cop!
  • You can use these issues to question the cop on the stand, but you'd really have to cut into his credibility to win the case. Judges tend to blow these details off. I'd push the issue real hard on the time of day and color. Those are basic. Draw that into the speed issue. If you take this to court, you can subpoena the training records for the cop and the calibration tests for the machinery used to clock you. If the cop didn't get the correct training or barely passed it, then you have some real arguments to make. Beware though, most judges don't like it when cops get beat up on the stand. If you don't think you have the time to do this, remember that your insurance will go up for at least three years if this gets on your record. It's worth a few hours of research.
  • You can hire an attorney and fight the ticket and you just might even win but it will cost you a lot more than a fine for speeding. Pay the ticket.

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