• During the winter light levels are much lower. There are two options available to plants. Some, like confiers, retain there leaves, but they are small and require little resources to develop. However, many trees lose their leaves as there is insufficient light to make photosynthesising worth while, as more energy would be required to grow and maintain leaves than what the tree gets back from photosynthesis. Instead the go into a kind of plant-hybination and conserves its energy.
  • For rebirth and growing - Hey Cuzhead
  • When the temperature begins to drop at the end of summer, comes dry air. Cold air cannot hold as many water molecules per cubic meter or cubic foot as warm air. You've probably come across food from time to time that's been "freezer burned." It got dried out in the cold. So, deciduous trees drop their leaves as a means to keep moisture inside--to keep from drying out.
  • so they can turn over a new leaf each year. Actually the leaves self compost and provide, if I remember correctly, about 90% of the tree's nutrition for the next year. Continuing the cycle of life.
  • To blow into my mother's yard so she can tell me to come and blow them into our neighbor's yard.

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