• I'm going to say Wyatt Earp! I loved Tombstone! LOL I've watched documentaries on him too! But i actually don't know the other guy hehehe sorry!
  • Wyatt Earp. John Wesley Hardin was a drunken joker who shot men in cold blood while drinking for no other reason than he was drunk and they crossed him. He never had a fair gunfight in his life, if such a thing even existed outside of Hollywood. Being the "Fastest gun" had more to do with being the first pussy to pull one, just like today, when skinny little punks who would get their asses beaten to a pulp in a fair fight use a gun out of being scared.
  • John Wesley Hardin would win. Of all the major gunslingers he had the fastest draw and was extremely accurate. JWH was not only a killer but a showman. He used to put on public shooting demonstrations with his pistol. His accuracy with a pistol could only be matched by others using rifles. I doubt if Wyatt Earp would survive a confrontation with Hardin.
  • It would be Wyatt Earp. John Hardin never in his life had a fair play attitude he was brutal. Best regards.
  • I would, but don't tell everyone!
  • Definitely Hardin.

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