by keg265 on October 17th, 2004



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Is it true that a guy's penis can get stuck in a woman's vagina?

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  • by Jack Scotty on February 21st, 2005

    Jack Scotty

    Actually there have been medical documentations of such incidents although very rare.. VERY VERY RARE..

    What happens is that the woman will have vaginal spasms that will lock around the penis causing the interruption of the flow of blood to be released. Normally if a woman has that kind of problem with her vagina its more likely to force his penis out than it is to keep it in.

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  • by MikeD81 on November 16th, 2004


    Not unless his penis is the size of a small whale.

    Women push babies out of their bodies through that tiny hole, so I imagine it would take a man of incredible girth, or an animal long extinct to be able to get stuck up there...

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  • by Christy_B6958 on January 13th, 2012


    this is one of my most embarrassing stories to tell...but indeed, it has happened. I remebered it was 3 years ago during June 2009. My bf and i of 3 months were having sex like normal, in my room, and right after i came, i felt cramping in my pelvic area and my bf seemed a bit startled, and he said "babe, i cant get my dick out!" and he had a frantic look on his face. It seems as tho that cramping that i felt was actually what i had later reaserched at vaginal spasimcs. it took about half an hour until her oucld get his penis out of me. we tried to keep calm as best as we could. we found that staying relaxed seemed to ease the situation but did not immediatley correct the problem.
    Hope this helps!
    Good luck if this happens in the future!

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  • by Anonymous on January 13th, 2008


    I believe this is not impossible. human body is a Pandora's box too much to muscular action and emotional hormonal activity can tighten vaginal muscles plus at the same time if a man looses erection and if his penis is too thick it is more likely to get stuck, provided the vagina size is too small.May be after too many strokes and abdominal thrust a man is exhausted and feel just next to impossible to pull out his rod stuck in muscular spasm.But this may be a temporary phase of a few seconds

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  • by Mikey2 on August 23rd, 2006


    I have talked to a woman who could "catch" a penis and keep it for as long as she contracted hard.

    She also knew how to control several muscle-rings inside her.

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  • by yabbby on January 4th, 2005


    Actually is true, a man's penis can get 'locked' inside the vagina, I don't know how it happens but I have read of instances of it happening.

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  • by Merry Walker on October 19th, 2004

    Merry Walker


    While the theme has been exploited by pornographers through the ages, to the best of my knowledge there is no way for a human male to get his penis "stuck" in a woman's vagina. (Excluding the use of superglue or other artificial means, of course.)

    Science Geek, human sexuality has been an interest of mine and an area of casual study for over 30 years, and I have NEVER seen any valid evidence of this occuring, much less anything resembling modern medical documentation of such an occurance. It's easy to rate and answer "incorrect" and make some smart remark like the one you made. However, unless you can provide an answer of your own - with supporting evidence - your rating doesn't count for much.

  • by raj.alex.737 on January 26th, 2013


    can there be any vacuum created inside the vagina, by which the penis cannot come out... just like... if we put a finger inside a tight bottle, our fingers cannot retrieve so easily...... its just my assumption.... or may be... suddenly if the internal muscles of the vagina contract .... when the penis is inside... it makes the penis to squeeze and forces the blood to be stuck in the penis head, making it to swell... and hence the lockin.. and a"vaginal spasimc"

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  • by oumahh on May 10th, 2012


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  • by caninelover on March 13th, 2009


    No, I am a male and I would not be afraid to try it. Women, here is your voluteer! I think that a large dog can get his penis stuck inside a woman. Dogs do have that knot you either heard of or know of. Try it out, women, and let us know how it goes. Try a German Shephard or larger dog. I think I would allow 45 minutes to an hour for it to go down on its own and release the woman from the dog's penis.

  • by Glenny on July 11th, 2009


    Maybe, hypothetically, like a finger stuck in a bowling ball. After all, people in penis-to-vagina sex are stuck together and caught together, possibly, hence the term "snatch," for a vagina. (Snatches and catches a penis.)(Stuck together, literally, man sticks penis in vagina.)
    Actually, however, odds are against it. 1. Vagina usually has natural lubrication, or so I hear. 2. A vagina is expandable;a baby comes out of it, as well as going in, of course. +3. If you use Vaseline, or a like lubricant, getting stuck is even less likely to happen. Etc?

  • by macubex on September 28th, 2008


    It true that a penis can be stuck in a woman's their had been an inccident way back in our village. I remember that day when all of our neighbors were to anxious to see those to couple covered in bedsheets being rush to the hospital because the penis get stuck in the vagina.they were gossiping something about maybe it had something to do with curse.I'm afraid that day I keep asking my dad is it really true that a penis can get stuck in a vagina? my dad just said it can happen he also saw it happen on his childhood days but very rarely he said...Lucky for that guy his penis didn't end up being cut by a vagina like in the movie called "Teeth" very scary.......

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  • by Payton on March 13th, 2009


    Only if you have four legs and bark.

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  • by Pickl on May 18th, 2011


    Sure my penis has gotten stuck in my girlfriends vagina on many occasions

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