• Last one... because i'm confident enough pull it off happily :)
  • The last choice because that's what I'm stuck with now and It seems to work out just fine for me!
  • I'd rather be with the smart guy who is rarely funny because I can be funny for the both of us and as long as he has little/some sense of humor, I'd have more fun trying to get him to be funny.
  • I'm dating the last choice....and I think I will keep it that way. I love him anyway! Evanescence: Good Enough
  • I wouldn't pick any of these. I don't compromise myself. But you say pick one, so the least loser would be the smart guy who's rarely funny. Maybe I can get him in touch with his lighter side? At least he'd be smart enough to "get it"...
  • I'll take the funny guy who can never be smart. I love to laugh and I have enough smarts for both of us to get by OK in life. (I'm assuming he's not a total dolt...just not a genius?) offered me a 4th choice anyway.
  • smart and funny, he may make me feel that way every blue moon but I'm sure he feels that way about me just as much!
  • I'll take number 3,because if he's smart,he'll think it's funny when I throw a pie in his face for unintentionally making me feel inferior.So,there!
  • I'm dating a funny guy with a low wattage bulb - but I enjoy being intellectually superior. My odd form of dominance in the relationship :D
  • None.In the long run you will find that they are all ass holes.I would have to go with the guy that is naturally himself and simply has a good personality.
  • Well lets switch this for obvious reasons.... Uhhhhhhhhhh Last one = Hell no. That would suck enormously in the longrun. Funny chick who is dumb to say the least. As long as she's dumb in a pleasant way :D Someone smarter than me = A no no.
  • definitely not the last one. been there... it wasn't good. i would probably pick the funny guy who isn't so smart. he doesn't have to be a rocket scientist as long as he can make me laugh. :)
  • Deep down, women like the last one. They get a high off of the chase. They'll get bored with all of the others.
  • option no.2. Funny & stupid. brilliant. oh and BTW lefty could you give me your opinions on this?
  • I've got the third one - I think I'll keep him.
  • A funny guy who can never be smart but only since a dildo wasn't an option.
  • hi lucky!!! you left out whether i'd like to be a stupid guy whose bland and never funny and a just plain loser!!! i think smart without whit - that way i can at least talk in terms of the other man's interests and i can discuss relevant issues. funny guys without smarts are everywhere. smart and funny that results in others' feeling like they're not good enough for them is sad.
  • I'll take the smart guy who's rarely funny.

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