• When I squint, I narrow the object of interest into a smaller field between both eyes, improving the focus of the object. I stopped squinting when I got glasses and could focus properly.
  • People who squint are using the epicanthic muscles of the eye to modify the eyeball's shape and bring the object they are viewing into focus.
  • as a child i foumd my self squinting all of the time, and not being able to focus clearly on anything, i did not think any different as i thought everyone saw like i saw, until i went to the opticians to be told i needed to wear glasses all of the, thrugh time my eyesight has got a lot worse and i cant see nothing without them, they are my sight to the world, i wish i could have 20/20 vision! But unfortunatly i cannot have laser treatment due to my corenas being to thin and suffering from bad astigmatism.
  • I don't know what they see. When I squinted it was because I was having trouble focusing especially on the small print and I was looking through both eyes. Glasses help.

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