• It will if you are able to make new sparks. (and if you both want it to last) (and if you still love and trust each other)
  • Maybe so, but it will be more like a best friends relationship, without or with less sex
  • Marriages go through periods of being this way. It's extremely common. It does not mean it has to stay that way. Bring something new to the table, whatever you are missing the most about the sparks between you. If it's your sex life, "kidnap" him from work and take him to a hotel for the night to do some things that you don't normally do. If it's doing things together, plan a weekend to get away together ASAP. If it's staying home together, plan a weekend at home with the phone off the hook and the door locked to anyone. OTOH, if you are finding that you have more serious problems, ask him to attend some marriage counseling with you. If he refuses, go to individual counseling without him. A lot of men get their hackles up when you go this route and want to know what you are saying to your counselor about him. They will then go with you out of curiosity. If he doesn't, that's okay. You can take that time for you.
  • There are always ways of making new sparks. It happens in every relationship!
  • Marriage is like a roller coaster with highs and lows. As long as the couple wants the relationship to work, they can make it work. The sparks always come back. +5
  • Are you talking about teenage sparks or just being ignored? There is communication, trust, emotional support, respect, if you dont have those then its over. If you have those you can refind the spark. It just depends on how much effort the two of you expend. A relationship doesnt succeed without the work. Im suspecting you dont know what that means.
  • depends on the marriage, theyre all different

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