• not statute of limitations on murder.
  • No. Not for crimes like murder. Fore moderate offences, it makes sense to allow people to have a clean sheet after a certain amount of time. We all make mistakes, and many of us learn from them. It is not sensible to chase someone for, say, petty theft in their tens when they have grown up and become respectable citizens. All it would do is harm someone who has now become a respectable citizen. The person against whom the offence was committed has forgotten about it. But some crimes, like murder, rape, kidnapping, live on for ever. And therefore the potential for punishment should live on for ever. Of course, it may be difficult to get a conviction after a long time. Prosecutors should not launch cases unless they have a strong expectation of getting a conviction. But if they have the evidence, they should prosecute.
  • No. I do not agree. First, in the ten commandments God says thou shalt not kill. Im sure all legal systems will agree with that! that murder is sin! Witnesses to murder cases are just afraid to say the truth usually but never forgets. Statute of limitations just favors the criminal. If allowed to have that defense then he's free to murder again another person, maybe someone's mother, father, brother or cousin, friend etc. It doesnt erase his propensity to murder.

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