• i think the male chihuahua could make the female chihuahua prenant bacause animals are different from human, they couldn't live as long as human. 6 month old seem to be very young but they're old enough to make the female chihuahua prenant.
  • as many know, age is generally in ratio of 7 years of aging for 1 year's time span. so, by that standard, your male is more like 3 1/2. i'm pretty sure 6 months is too young for him to get her pregnant, and many young dogs my friends have had usually don't even begin "humping" items (like legs, jeez) until much longer. but i might be wrong
  • It is possible for your boy to get your girl pregnant. But since it is your female is only 1 year old it is not wise to let them breed. Chihuahuas are prone to more pregnancy problems if they are 1 year or younger and in their first heat cycle. Allowing your girl to get pregnant can include major health problems for her and the puppies. Besides the fact her system is not ready to carry the young for one so small. Usually breeders do not allow their dogs to breed before they are at least two years old. Good luck and be careful!
  • Generally speaking It is possible.
  • The best rule to follow when breeding dogs is to be certain that they are physically mature. This means that both the bitch and the male dog should be 18 to 24 months of age, by which time the bitch should be in her second or third heat period. This would be the optimum conditions, in addition to ONLY breeding animals that are going to add to their breed type in positive ways. To know if your purebred animal is WORTHY of breeding you have to be showing the animal, and hopefully winning points and titles. The optimum conditions do not mean your dog can't or won't impregnate your bitch, it could happen. I would be looking into having her spayed then you won't need to worry about it (if they are not show dogs) and you also will cut back on her chances of developing breast cancer or other reproductive cancers in the future. Same with your male...when he is about 8 months take him to the vet for a check up (assess his weight and development) and to talk about neutering him, and you'll be worry free on future cancer of the testis! If you are or plan to show and consider a future breeding, you need to crate them while she is in heat. (they can take turns being crated don't trust just putting them in separate rooms, believe'd be amazed at how artful a pair of dogs can be when they want to hook up!)
  • if she is pregnat can i have on of there babies?
  • i have 2 chihuahuas 2 and my male is older than the female by 3 years and my female is almost 1 year old in a month so my answer to your question is that at any age it is posssible for them to breed together

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