• No and no.
  • Neither religion, the bible, philosophy or evolution has a place in public elementary or high school. Until Teachers figure out how to teach students how to read, write, and perform basic mathematical calculations NOTHING else should be taught.
  • NOPE... I think that no one should force that on someone... people will choose what to believe with time and experience!!!
  • Yes it does. Most constitutions guarantee freedom of religion but not freedom FROM religion. A person fools themselves if they think they can divorce belief from other parts of human life.
    • Mircat
      You cannot choose one religion to teach everyone. If kids want to know about religion thats what parents and Sumday school is for..
  • I think children need to be aware that these things are out there, teachers however shouldn't teach with ulterior motives of converting someone to a certain religion or atheism.
  • I am a HUGE supporter of the continuation of the Pledge of Allegiance in schools. My daughter's school says it every morning and my husband and I are quite glad for it!
  • Well. I go to public school. But it's a Catholic school. Doesn't do me any harm. I think it's good to learn about religion. All types of religions, which we do. The fact we have mass and say prayers and stuff...I don't know. There's a nice atmosphere, like a family sort of thing. Religion isn't forced on you, it's just there. God, they've finally brainwashed me. Aha. So I'm going with yes. But it should be a choice. Obviously my school is Catholic, so religion is going to be a part of it. Otherwise I don't know. God, I haven't even answered the question :| Sorry about that.
  • probably not
  • Yes as it's an important part of culture and dealing with people. The bible? Not really.
  • What does the pledge of allegiance say? The schools are bringing in God by having children recite that pledge on a daily basis. However, Deuteronomy 6:6-7 makes it very clear that parents are responsible for teaching and inculcating God’s word into a child’s heart. That is the most important education that a human can receive. School teachers should focus on the curriculum, parents should focus on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being of their own children. How would the world be today if all of us applied the Golden Rule that Jesus instructed us to put into practice?
  • No religion has no place in the class room. Religion belongs in uour heart, home and church. Too many different religions and you cant pick one and the people who are not religious should not be forced to participate. If one wants to learn about religion thats what your parents and church attendance is for.
  • If the association to the topic is deserving then sure it deserves a mention; even the bible has been a large part of many historical events.

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