• Yes. Each club is of a different height but for the driver it should come up to the bellybutton of the person using the club, or just above so you can choke up on it.
  • The correct length of a club, for an individual, is usually determined not by a person's height but by the distance from the tips of one's fingers to the floor when standing.
  • No, club length is not directly correlated to a person's height. There are many factors contributing to the correct club length. Basically when the club is swung and makes contact with the ball, the club head should be flush with the ground the ball is resting on. The shaft length varies from club to club too. The club head lie angle varies to compensate for this change. When a person holds a club and addresses a ball on a bare surface, a second person should not be able to slide a piece of paper underneath the club head, either from the toe or the heel of the club head. If fitted correctly the club head should lie flat on the level ground when addressing a ball. One can also put a piece of masking tape on the sole of the club and take a couple of practice swings. The tape will indicate if only one surface of the club's bottom is contacting the ground.

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