• Sketching in general: Generally you're supposed to find extrema using calculus and plot them first, but these are simple graphs that don't need that. Just find what y is for some values of x and plot a point on the graph, then draw a smooth curve (or straight line) though the points. For y=|x| the graph is y=x for positive x and y=-x for negative x. For y=x^3 you're supposed to notice the function is "odd". That is the graph for negative x is the negative of the graph for positive x. So sketch the positive part, and then rotate it 180 degeees for the negative part. y=sqrt(x) means x=y^2 so turn the graph on its side and draw the x=y^2 function (at least the +y part of it anyway). sqrt could mean the +ve and -ve solution, just the "principal value", the +ve solution. Perhaps you should sketch the -y part as a dotted curve.
  • 5-2-2017 Hold down the Alt key. On the numeric keypad type 251. That gets you a square root sign. It looks like this: More Alt-key codes are in your (Windows) computer. Click start and type "charmap.exe".
    • Jewels Vern
      It is somewhat easier to find Alt codes at

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