• I don't consider myself a feminist, but I do expect and enjoy my rights as an American Citizen. Feminism is one of those topics that really means something different to each person--there are extremes on both ends of the spectrum...I can only give you my definition. Before suffrage women had no vote, they owned nothing and were considered property. The women who fought for the rights we enjoy today were very brave. To honor these women, I will always exercise my right to vote. Doctors were strongly discouraged from teaching women the rhythm method to avoid pregnancy. We belonged "in our place" which was child-rearing and caring for the home. Husbands were allowed to beat and even rape their wives. I believe that all people are entitled to a higher and quality education which should be based on attitude and aptitude, not on gender, color, etc. I believe that all people doing the same work should have the opportunity to receive the same pay scale and equal possibilities for advancement in their career. I believe that one parent should be at home--that's a big job in itself, but I don't believe that parent has to be the woman. This is a choice for the couple to make--not society. I believe that rape is rape and assault is assault. I don't believe living things are chattel. I do believe that when a man marries he becomes a hubby, not a property-owner. I believe in a woman's right to use birth control (not abortion) so the couple are not having more children than they can care for. Women have the right not to be constantly pregnant and breast-feeding, unless they CHOOSE otherwise. I believe that men should be gentlemen and open doors, stand when a lady enters or stands, etc. I believe that we are not equal in physical strength and that men should carry the burden of protecting the family and heavy lifting/moving, etc. I believe that in the home, men are the head of the household and we have different roles. God made us different for a reason and I embrace that. So, I call myself a woman; I'm not just a feminist. :D As far as the antonym of feminism...could it be slavery?
  • Yes. There are many kinds of feminism, so it's a bit difficult to answer the question summarily. The best I can offer is my personal view of feminism, which is this: feminism questions and challenges the male-centred view of society, perceives the huge contribution of women to society, supports women's understanding of their realities, and identifies women's energy as being aligned with natural law and balance. As for it's antonym, perhaps 'misogyny' might do.
  • Am I a feminist? Nope? Feminism is supposed to be the practice of treating men and women equally? For many years, women had equal right. So, now feminism is merely a vehicle for bitter women to create anti-male laws and policies.

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