• I vote yes, but I still believe that it affects karma..
  • im unsure, my martial arts master says that white lies are iffy, i think as long as it hurts noone and keeps noone from suceeding a little whit lie here and there is ok
  • Of course! When somebody says "does my bum look big in this" are you always honest? 8o)
  • That all depends on who's doing the allowing. I don't believe that anyting good ever comes of lying. There are always ways of telling the truth without hurting others.
  • YES. Just imagine the Nazis are knocking on your door, asking if you have Jews in the attic. You can't in good conscience give them up, and they're not going to let you provide a "coy" answer and avoid the question. The reason this kind of question comes up is because we're pretty confused about morality -- there are different levels of moral development and thinking. Simply "following the rules" is an adolescent level of moral development. It's fine for the immature mind which isn't yet capable of operating from a more complete perspective. If you have kids, you tell them just "don't run out into the street". You keep it simple. But adults need a more mature relationship with moral thinking, one which can deal with ambiguous and complex situations.
  • It would be wonderful if we didn't know about lying, but as this isn't and probably never will be the case, its down to our intentions and motivations. If these are honourable, such as the example Stableboy gave in his answer, you should feel fine about being guided by them and feel OK.
  • I really believe that when starting something with a lie it ends up wrong. But it is hard to determine what is right and wrong when there is so much injustice and you see it happening. I working in the legal system sometimes find myself wishing I could say something differently so the outcome can be nmore fair, but no matter how I look at it I feel that lying might be worse down the line.
  • The definition of honesty is "to tell the truth appropriately". By that definition, when people claim to be "honest" because they blatantly and tactlessly insult someone, they are very wrong because that has nothing to do with honesty. So sure, if you have to be untruthful because that is what is appropriate, then it is the right thing to do.
  • I lied about something because I just need a break today. I feel guilty and upset with myself. This lie didn't hurt anyone and has no affect on another person. I know I shouldn't have lied but telling the truth would have caused upset.
  • Never, never, never, what ever people say. If we lie it is because we are not wise enough to tell the truth in love. Jesus was able to not lie even when put in difficult situations. He did not necessarily answer the questions asked of Him though, the way the questioner wanted the question answered. Also, if you are able to lie, what then gives you the ability to say to yourself "This is for a good cause". This makes you judge & jury. If I have lied for a good cause, I have lied to myself and to the world, in order to make the world suit me and my fancies. If we accept the fact that we lie for a good cause, knowing we are doing wrong, we should seek forgiveness for our lying, and ask God never to allow such temptation to come our way or to help us out of the situation. I know we shall never be as wise as Jesus, but never fool yourself into thinking that it is OK to lie. Is that as far as your morals will go, or would you push it further such as "I am prepared to lie as long as I get away with it, no - one is hurt"? My daughter lies to me regularly and it is very sad, she somehow mastered the art of it at an early age. It made me so angry, but I have not been able to influence her to change her ways. I am thankful that my two other sons are not so calculating. If each of us lied once per day, that would be over 6 billion lies per day. Is that what we want all the name of a good cause?
  • depend how good is the cause !!!!
  • Lying shows people they cannot depend on your word. Without integrity of your word you don't give others anything to rely on. Lying causes people not to trust you and builds walls which are sometimes impossible to remove. I suppose there might be an instance where lying might be of benefit but overall it is a really bad, bad thing to do. I have a family member who lies about or exaggerates just about everything. She has been there, done that or knows someone who did. She makes up family history just for something to talk about. The shock, victim or poor me factors are always present. Always at death's door and constantly struggling through a pitiful existence of imagined illness's, she is a total attention seeker. She likes to join herself to a tragedy past or present. Not someone you want to even talk to.
  • You fail to understand the position. If the lie is to protect a person/state "i.e. lying under duress/defence of others" then it's what spies and agents are paid to do. If the lie is simply to further one's personal desires then it's not a good cause to begin with.
  • thats up to you but god does say not to lie
  • Yes The Dalai Lamas Oracle lied to him publicly about the stability of the region, and was able then to escape to safety.
  • you should ask god that question since he does say not to lie
  • Colossians 3:9 “ Do not life to one another”
  • thats up to you but god does say not to lie

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