• Stay home like me, it's cheaper and safer.
  • I'm not sure where you're traveling from, but if you ever get the chance...Go to Savannah, GA...Savannah is my fav place to visit...There is so much history there...It's hard to take it all in, even in a week...
  • You are confused bcos all the 4 places look alike with the same people and stereotype skyscrapers to look at.Why dont you try Kuala Lumpur,Bangkok,Singapore, Manila or Bali for a change.Here you will be able to experience our colorful cultures, ethnicity,food and traditions.The vacation cost is a lot cheaper once you are here,ie Hotels,food,entertainment,spar and shopping are cheap.Our beaches are as good as Hawaii which are at Langkawi,Penang,Phuket,Barokai,Kuta and many many more.
  • Dude, California is the best. You wanna visit not live there because a 1 bedroom home can cost you a half mill. Rhode Island is just podunkville. New York City is awesome this time of year as well. Depends if you are outdoorsy, walk the beach type or do you wanna be indoors looking around museums and architecture.
  • California!!! of course i'm quite a bit biased, as to I grew up there..and can't wait to go home...but yeah, it's honestly beautiful there, and it has all 4 climates in one state!
  • You will be comparing apples to oranges (almost literally)... and depending on where you originate, you are 3,000 miles apart on destinations.
  • I'm not sure but Rhode Island is pretty boring so I wouldn't recccommend it.
  • Stick close to home and explore your state. There are lots of good stuff in your state.
  • Florida,you can come & see Mickey!!
  • California appeals to me the most.
  • I would think that Rhode Island or New York might be nice as we head into Autumn.
  • Florida. i hadn been to the others. lol!
  • I have never been to NY or RI, but FL and CA ok if you want the beaches...I would highly suggest to anyone to visit Yosemite National Park in central California at some point in your life. it is the most amazing natural setting I have ever seen! depending on amount of time you are looking at, fly into San Fransisco, spend a few day there (one of the top big cities I have been to) and then drive out to Yosmite (about 4 hour drive).
  • My choice would be New York!!! I don't think there is any place like it on the planet!!!
  • Personally, I would pick the most northern corner of California so that I can sneak into Washington and head toward Longview, where my baby lives.
  • texas a thousand miles of beaxches. hill country around austin is gorgeous and fun. san antonio has the riverwalk and a mexican flavor and of course the alamo. thers tubing and rafting on the many rivers around the state. galveston to padre island offer fun for evereyone. surfing is as good as hawaii for beginners, warmer and less sharks ,ha. fishing is incredible state wide. thousands of things to see and do
  • Italy;-)
  • British Columbia Canada
  • Anywhere but Florida......California has everything from snow capped mountains to deserts and possibly every type of city/town you could imagine (big city, wine country, etc). depending on how much time you have, why not start in the far north or far south, rent a car, and drive the opposite way until you run out of money?! :)
  • I live in Florida, and let me tell you, it is bloodywell hot here right now! Plus, everytime you look at the weather, here comes another flippin hurricane :(
  • I recommend you to visit to China. It is really a beautiful country. And people here are very hospitable. Do not believe? Well, see the describtions of China's sceneries..
  • I think we'd need to know a little more about your interests, perhaps the time of year as well since weather will vary dramatically between those places.
  • Depends where you live, when I lived in NY, Newport RI When I lived in Los Angeles, Catalina island Now I live in Florida and love to navigate on the rivers!

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