• "The term thrashing may refer to: Thrash (computer science), an effect of resource contention, or an extensive test of software" Did you mean crashing?
  • For instance, if your computer has a slow disk drive and you are doing a lot of paging (using virtual memory) to switch from one program to another rapidly, then your disk drive will become a performance bottleneck and your computer will seem to have trouble keeping up with your commands. The computer, here, is "thrashing", spending all of it's time trying to keep up. Imagine a person drowning. They are thrashing because they are spending all of their energy doing one thing to stay alive.
  • Just to expand on branciforte3241's answer: If you are experiencing thrashing, it's a sign that your PC is making far too much use of virtual memory. There are 2 cures for this phenomenon. Stop running so many programs at once; or get more RAM installed on the PC. I'd opt for the latter.
  • When degree of multiprogramming increases ...thrashing occurs! A process is thrashing if it is keep page faulting rather than executing.
  • A process is thrashing if it is spending more time in page faulting rather than executing(doing any useful work!). It is caused by underallocation of the minimum number of pages required by the process, forcing it to continuously page fault. The system can detect thrashing by evaluating the level of CPU utilization as compared to the level of multiprogramming.

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