• The proper final approach speed for a 747 varies with weight, but a good target speed at typical operating weight is 135 to 140 KIAS (155mph to 161mph)
  • A Boeing 747 approaches for landing at speeds between 130 and 160 knots depending on their weight.There is no radar coverage when flying across the Atlantic Ocean. A320: 160 mph (258 kph)
  • Part of a 747-400 checklist. APPROACH CHECKLIST contd. Final glide Slope Descent: Speed Establish 170 KIAS Elevator Trim AS DESIRED Parking Brake VERIFY OFF De-ice AS REQUIRED LANDING CHECKLIST Landing Gear CHECK DOWN Autopilot OFF Landing Speed 160 KIAS After Touchdown Apply Reverse Thrust 60KIAS: Cancel Reverse Thrust Spoilers VERIFY EXTENDED Brakes AS REQUIRED Autobrake OFF
  • Well...the 747 about 160-180 knots, and the a320 about 150 knots, and this is so for two reasons: 1ºIt's slow enough to let these planes land safely and smoothly. 2ºIt's fast enought to not to waste time in approaching.
  • For a Boeing 747-400 fully loaded at appox. 800,000lbs, the average landing speed would be about 160mph. An A320 approx. 166,450lbs would have an average landing speed of 158 mph.
  • Yeah I tried landing a 747 at 140 knts on FS and stalled out and fell straight out of the sky. But I didnt take into account that I almost had a full tank of fuel. OOPS
  • The average speed when landing a fully laden 747-400 series is approx. 57 MPH. Any faster and you will overshoot the runway.
  • 180 kms
  • 180KPH
  • Duh SLOW to 55mph or set down sooner don't shoot the runway that's not COOL!!!

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