• Courage, yes, but I refuse to ask for help unless I've exhausted all of my options.
  • No, I won't ask anyone to go out of their me, that would be an imposition. Maybe in an emergency when someone's life or health is at stake.
  • Oh yes, I have so much courage when I really need the assistance of others. I ask for assistance when I'm looking for a particular street in a foreign city, or when looking for a particular book in the library, or when something happens to my computer and I don't know what has happened to it. I love asking for help, actually.
  • if I am asking for help then I have tried everything else on my own, I dont like having to ask others for help
  • Only on rare occasions will I do something like that because I am the take charge guy in the lives of so many other people around here. Courage? Yes, I'm not afraid to ask for help when I'm in a real jam.
  • Never, I find my own way, I do not like to impose my difficulties on anyone else. If you are strong and independent you won't have to count on others. In turn they can never disappoint you.
  • sure why not. people who help people are helpful people. what is this site but people asking people for help! . no person is an island, right?
  • I am mostly independant but if I do need help, I know I have wonderful friends who will help me everytime
  • I'm so bad about asking for help. I almost never do it.
  • NAH i get nervous you know? what if they're busy or its not "their job" and i don't like ppl doing stuff two faced. Acting like if they don't mind when they really do.
  • It isn't lack of courage so much as not wanting to be a burden on someone. If it were an emergency, I would ask for help immediately. But most things are not emergencies. I try to handle them myself and generally don't need assistance. But I am not foolish. Pride would not keep me from asking for help..only the desire to do what I can do for myself first before I reach out to others. :)
  • Yeah, I'm pretty outgoing, so I don't worry about asking for strangers' help, so long as I feel they won't try something funny.

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