• NY and LA...
  • Detroit
  • It depends on the crime. If you're talking about murder and violent crime in general as a percentage of population, it's usually Detroit, Washington DC, New Orleans or Baltimore in the top spot depending on the year. Generally, cities with large poor and black populations are at the top. Interestingly, I don't believe that LA, Chicago and New York are ever in the top 5. Although their crime numbers are high, on a "rate" or percentage of population basis, they are statistically way down the list.
  • Baltimore, DC, or Memphis
  • in my part of the world: memphis TN
  • Detroit (including the mayor) and maybe DC.
  • You people have no concept of what murder is. Your cities are childs play. I'm from Chicago and live in Englewood where the Hudson murders took place. I've seen people murdered in front of my face. You all are probably from the suburbs. Other cities talk about it; we be about it!
  • NYC has over 6oo murders a year since 2000 and thats a alltime low,because of the cities population the murder rate isnt that high as compared to other cities like chicago for example who has a much smaller population,but we still have more totalled murders,so just imagine when murder is high in nyc, so you pricks who think your little cities are gangster just come to brooklyn and i bet you will leave in a body bag,in the 1980's and the 90's we used to have over 2000 murders a year,no city in america has ever seen so much murder on a consistant basis
  • Statistics say D.C.
  • The Murder Capitol is in NC
  • Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles had over 350 murders last year.
  • The most crime comes from DC. Even with the statistics we know about. From Oakland btw.
  • St. Louis
  • New Orleans is up there
  • Gary,Indiana and flint,Michigan are bad too their on the top 10 list
  • New Orleans has by far the highest crime rate in the U.S. In fact, it is ranked third in the world just behind Caracas, Venezuela. I have lived there my entire life and I haven't seen less than 3 murders a day reported on the news. And thats the ones people know about. By the way, there aren't any suburbs in New Orleans. The poor and the rich live side by side. It's more like a third world city.
  • New Orleans, United States Population: 220,614 to 312,000 (2007); estimates vary due to displacement of people after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Murder rate: Estimates range from 67 (New Orleans Police Department) to 95 (Federal Bureau of Investigation) per 100,000 What’s happening: With its grinding poverty, an inadequate school system, a prevalence of public housing, and a high incarceration rate, the Big Easy has long been plagued with a high rate of violent crime. Katrina didn’t help. Since the hurricane struck in 2005, drug dealers have been fighting over a smaller group of users, leading to many killings. On just one four-block stretch of Josephine Street, in the city center, four people were murdered in 2007 and 15 people shot, including a double homicide on Christmas day. A precise murder rate is hard to pinpoint because the population is swelling quickly, approaching its pre-Katrina numbers. Whether you use New Orleans’s own figures or the FBI’s, however, the city remains the most deadly in the United States, easily surpassing Detroit and Baltimore with 46 and 45 murders per 100,000 people, respectively.
  • kingkrilz dream on. Detroit has more crime and murder than New York. Its where the weak are killed and eaten!
  • DETROIT. It has all the elements to a graphic novel city: corrupt politicians, crocked cops, shrinking population, abandoned buildings, high unemployment and over 10,000 unsolved murders since 1960. A pretty pathetic statistic considering most reported murders are domestic homicides. This place literally looks like hell. Welcome to America!
  • Pound for pound its Belle Glade Florida. They have the highest crime rate if you count percentage compared to the population.
  • New Orleans... then Bmore. Bmore has a small population with lots of murders. do the math.

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