• I once heard that you are not trying your best unless you cheat, there is some truth to that but I don't condone it.
  • They should do a lot more tests and catch the people who do it. Its not fair that people who have become top in their chosen sports using just their own real talent have to fight to stay there with all the people trying to cheat.
  • I do not agree with the use of steroids. I am against cheating. I have never taken steroids and even though I heard from other people that they help I would never take them. I do it the regular way, healthy eating and lots of exercise. Remember that the easier way to obtain something is usually the wrong way.
  • We should keep it a level playing field for everyone and keep sports honest and fair.
  • Steroid use in my mind is cheating, plain and simple. But, 1. The US government has no reason to get involved. They have things that are actually important to worry about. 2. If you have no proof of steroid use (Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire) you can't punish that person for using them. You have no right to take away Hall of Fame entry or records, unless you have actual proof the person was cheating.
  • It really depends on the sport. I mean in football it really doesn't matter if players use steroids but in a sport like baseball, golf, tennis etc. that would be like cheating because it gives you an advantage. On the other hand in some sports like weightlifting (world strong man competitions etc.) it doesn't even matter because they do not test for steroids in the first place.
  • it is cheating plain and simple, these athelets are suppose to be great people yet some feel in order to be great and preform they have to use steroids. Sooner or later they will be caught.
  • I don't think its cheating. I mean you have thousands of athletes out there trying to give the fans what they want: a run for their money and some entertainment. Sure you can achieve that without the use of steroids, but since this has become such a hot topic, and more and more sport stars are getting caught up in it, it's not going to be a level playing field because someone is always going to be doing it which only makes others do it too in order to stay in the competetion. the only real harm they are doing is to themselves, and as long as the fans are entertained, who cares?
  • It really sounds like cheating.

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