• They seem to be Russian to start another war.
  • Draft slaves and those who bully them.
  • Russian military conditions and the military itself is probably one of the worst in the world.The soliders are treaten as slaves,they get beaten up and minimal amount of food.The living conditions are horrible,so basically the military is like one of the death camps during the Soviet period.
  • For me the best and mostv effective army in the world. First class soldiers and excellent fighters as you will find them nowhere in the whole world. The best war-machine in history. By the way the best soldiers I ever met in my whole life.
  • i dont know much about it to think anything of it
  • The Russian military is commonly perceived as favoring quantity over quality and winning mainly by overwhelming its opponents.
  • Tough and strong. Not at all concerned with "diversity" nor with " inclusion" nor with gay and trans soldiers and PC "green" equipment and all the other ridiculous stuff the American military is falling victim to.
  • Their technology is mostly still Cold War era. Not much of a military threat to the U.S. or to NATO or to the EU any more. To nations that are (A) near to them and (B) not protected by alliance with western superpowers and (C) not themselves "world powers", they are still a serious threat (see: Ukraine). They are much more an ECONOMIC threat to the EU.
  • Great hats.
  • Their women won't win any beauty contests...that's for sure.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans

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