• If it were me, I'd get a hacksaw blade or a file and cut that part off. If it is sliding down like that, it's obviously not a structurally integral part of the cast. I'd just cut out a scoop over the ankle so it is free.
  • thank you for your thoughts - problem with this (already tried) is that it continually drops afterwards and therefore allowing more movement at the top. hmmm... tricky!
  • Sounds to me like you need to go back to the hospital to get another, or different cast or leg brace. It may be that the cast was put on while you still had a certain amount of swelling from the surgery and as the swelling goes away the cast is now shaped wrong to stay in position.
  • Yes i'm on my second cast already, that was my original thought, but the day after my new cast was fitted, the same thing has happened. A week later there is no improvement. I'm due back at the hospital in a week for cast 3 but need something to keep me comfortable in the mean time.
  • clare83, This is a common problem with a cylinder cast. I would recommend padding the bottom of the cast with some sort of gauze or, even better, moleskin. It's a felt-like material that is sticky on the back. You can wrap it around the bottom edge of the cast. Another thing, if you do get another cast, is to have them push on the part of the cast above the knee, while it's hardening. It's called a supracondylar mold and prevents the cast from sliding. Hope that helps!
  • Do they make suspenders for this sort of thing? I think I'd try and figure out a way to do just that. And then I'd probably put a layer sheepskin around the bottom of the cast to keep it from sliding down
  • I had the same problem after a knee injury. The doctors don't like to immobilize too many joints, but you need a cast that includes your foot. I got my cast replaced with one that included my foot and went under and past my toes slightly so I didn't bump them on anything. It was much more comfortable to wear.

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