• No, but I have a friend who has a house there, she loves it by Raleigh, they have great hospitals and the homes are reasonable..She said no snow, alot of rain in the winter, who cares, I can't take the snow anymore either..
  • North Carolina has snow. 50 inches fell on Mount Mitchell, NC (14-foot drifts) in one storm in 93. There is of course more snow in the mountains of NC and less at the beach. There are very cheap parts of NC. There are also expensive areas.
  • I live in South Carolina and visit North Carolina quite often. I love Asheville in the western part of the state in the Great Smoky Mountains, and they DO get snow there!! I also love Cape Hatteras and the Outer Banks on the eastern shore. NC is much like SC in that it has the diversity of both mountains and ocean easily accessible. Cost of living is lower than some other states in the area and higher than others, MS and AL, immediately come to mind. If I didn't live in SC, my next choice would be NC!!
  • I am not from North Carolina, but I do know there are ski resorts in the Franklin area, Western North Carolina. Cost-of-living depends upon the particular location you are interested in relocating to. In one of your comments, I noticed you were interested in witchcraft, there is a school in New Bern, North Carolina. The Eternal Harvest Church of Wicca teaching the ways of the lord and the lady. As for the cost-of-living, do a google search. Years ago I found a site on MSN which gave information about population, income, taxes, utilities, housing, medical facilities, doctors, unemployment, etc. Do a search, the information is out there.
  • Sorry for being a bit late... I live in Southeast NC. The neat thing about NC is that there are mountains and ocean. Dense cities and rural farmlands. Expensive upscale neighborhoods, and cheap smaller communities. Top notch universities and many small community colleges. Apartments and Trailers. Intelligent sophisticated individuals and stupid ignorant rednecks. Snow Storms and Tropical Storms. Alligators and mountain lions. HipHop and country. Tarheels and Dukees (Carolina country is basketball terf). Anything you want, we have it. Just depends on what you're looking for, what you do for a living, and where you want to live. I love it cause I can get many different beaches including Myrtle Beach in about 45 minutes. Can't beat that.
  • I live in Boone, NC. It's a small college town (Appalachian State) in the mountains and it snows here plenty. The first snow this season was the Tuesday before Halloween and our last snow of the season is usually mid-April.
  • sorry, I don't think we have any Russian or Argentinian places. I even looked online to see if I could find anything in town or nearby but nothing. As for expenses, where do you live now? So I can compare.
  • I am from Charlotte, NC. That is the biggest city here. It doesn't snow hardly and here, but in the mountains it does. (like most mountains) Prices aren't expensive. Nothing like Hawaii or NY or anything like that. Pretty good prices here. Although, NC had some of the highest gas prices recently that any other state. Luckily it has gone down.. ALOT!
  • Hey sorry I am just now replying! umm with houses. well there are ALOT of houses. its not like new york or anywere like that were its mainly apartments. There are housing developments, and then houses on main roads, and then theres houses in the country too. there are small, medium and large. Alot of ranch houses. My house is 2 story, like most of them in my neighborhood. I have a decent size yard in comparison to some who may live in a big city. its not even an acre but its enough for kids and a dog for sure. There is any kind that you would be looking for. My house it 4bedroom 2 bathroom. and 2 car garage. The prices for a house in Charlotte (AND THE SURROUNDING AREA) for an AVERAGE house. is prob around 130,000. its not bad. we have the huge houses that are like 400,000 too, and the little 60,000. depends were you live ya know? here are a few links incase you are looking to move or something. again i am sorrrry that i took so long to reply!!!!*&MinPrice=60000&MaxPrice=200000&Bedrooms=&Fullbaths=&City=CHARLOTTE&State=NC tae a look at this. i typed in 600000-200,000 dollars just so you can get an idea of the houses.
  • Actually I'm thonking of moving there as well.I'm looking at the Charlotte area outside there. I'd like to know about Cornelius
  • I'm in the piedmont like hour west of Charlotte and it doesn't really snow here but the mountains get it. Although it's snowing less and less as the years go by but I'm fine with that I had storms because they knock out the satellite lol

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