• If you are in Old Facebook, then top right, in the dark blue, is a button called privacy. Click that then on the new page, select News Feed and Mini-Feed. On that page it says: ~~~~~~~ "Actions visible in Mini-Feed and friends' News Feeds: Stories are published when you edit your profile information, join a new network, or update your Status. Also publish stories when you..." ~~~~~~~ Then there are a whole load of boxes with ticks in. If you un-tick the second one down (Write a Wall Post), then go to the bottom and click 'save changes', Facebook will not tell anybody any more when you write a wall post, so no-one will get to see it unless they happen to go to your friend's profile and read their wall.
  • Are you talking about on this site or on Facebook? If you're talking about Facebook whenever you make a post down at the bottom there's a little world icon. Click on that and you can tell it who you want to be able to see the message and you can even put in just one person's name or only me and then you click that and that's the only people that will see it.
    • Linda Joy
      It may be a friends icon at the bottom depending on your default setting.
    • Linda Joy
      If you're talking about here we don't have walls. We have profile pages. If you click the name under the avatar in the question or the answer you can find that person's profile page.

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