• Very good question. I don't feel like getting into much detail, but I do believe that people feel the need to rile up others about baseless and extravagant positivity and happiness because the gloomy and negativity of other folks tend to drain away the credibility of their own illusions, and make a mockery of their own struggles. If someone's really happy, all that corny and mushy shit usually doesn't find itself in advice...pretending nothing bad exists and hoping against logic with blind faith doesn't bring genuine happiness, only disappointment, and worse. But on the other hand, humans maintain their existences by constantly striving for whatever their idea of happiness is, it's only natural to want to feel that way, and often not realize true happiness. :/ Opinion. The problem is, when people rile on others about a positive and healthy attitude, that with which this is presented usually encompasses all emotions but those they preach we should live life with. :/ I hate positivity. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worse is what I always say, lulz.
  • 7-20-2017 For one thing, you can't have a good life if you refuse to admit it.

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