• As long as the students aren't playing games or looking at certain other things i think they are fine. Typing is faster /easier then writing.
  • Which classrooms? College or high school?
  • In my day, pencils and paper worked fine.
  • No. I know this is obviously an exception, but in high school, I had a classmate with down-syndrome, and he didn't have the manual dexterity to write legibly; he could however, type, so that's how he did all of his work.
  • Yes. Learning to use one's brain, developing handwriting, taking notes from the teacher and board, asking questions, giving answers and being creative with one's imagination is all part of the process of school. The laptop makes it easy, too easy, to fudge learning. Don't know something? Use the internet. Imagination won't work? Play games. Handwriting is terrible? Type it up and print it out. At the end of the day what does one have? A child who is an expert with a computer, but a fudgestick without it. The same can be said for calculators: used in moderation they're a powerful tool, but when the student reaches for it to work out 7*145, you know it is being abused. If it becomes a crutch, it's not a benefit.
  • They will probably be mandatory in a few years.
  • Definitely. Also cell phones. I would allow calculators in higher math, but not in elementary. (old school).
  • They should be allowed because personally my handwriting cannot be read by anyone. But still i write it in pencil or pen first because writing it will help youy remember thwe matereial.
  • I can't count the number of kids who come on here stating that they are in school and want to know how to get on certain sites ...right in the classroom! They should be banned. Pretty soon books will be obsolete.

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