• Not me personally, but my hubby has. He is a MMA fighter and VERY good, he also teaches. No, my opinion is not biased.
  • There is a fighter named Kung Lee who is kind of known for using techniques like that in MMA. He beat the hell out Frank Shamrock and Frank Shamrock is no joke.
  • My answer is no, and you won't see any. The Steaven Segal moves don't work, aikido and the like are pretty much dancing. What I have seen, and what techniques you will see are; Judo throws, (Karo Parysian, UFC)Spinning back kick, (George St. Piere, UFC) Spinning hook kick, Spinning back kick, (Cung Lee, although I suspect that he only takes fights where the other guy agrees to stay on the feet.) And of course most techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  • themelinsheath aikido uses judo and juijitsu moves. and yes aikido does work iv seen people use it in real life the japanese police teach it to there officers so do the tiawanese police and many other police forces and by the way steven seagal is very skilled in combat. and aikido is not pretty much dancing its a legitimate grappling art and is rated by grappling magazine as an authentic art form

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