• I try to, but if I don't get a chance I make sure to say so when I pass it on.
  • Yes. Unless I already know it to be fact. Some things I do not have to check up on. Some things I knew as fact may have been updated, so I always say so, in, "the last I knew..." Some things are just from my own experience and are open to anyone's interpretation.
  • When I do research my answers, I usually provide a link to the information.
  • As much as I can, many times I receive e-mails from family or friends and I will always verify that information before I send it on, many times at If it computer related I try to be updated as possible and will usually say so, and give URL to places. But as we are all human, I make mistakes and if I'm wrong always like to know if there's a bad link so I can fix it.
  • Yes. I've tried to make a habit of it. I think I learned this because I don't want to be like my Mom and brother who just pull things out their asses all the time.
  • Ofcourse not, my word is bond yo LOL Just kidding Sab :) I think it's a very good practice. I always try to provide a legitimate, credible reference.
  • yes. unverrified info is preffaced by I heard. if it is wrong that usualy gets the the wheels of resolution rolling
  • Yes I do. I always check and make sure it has been verified and if I don't have time I either wait until I can check or don't send it at all.
  • I try very hard to do so.
  • Since this is in "Urban Legends", I would say that while I do verify things people send to me, I generally don't send them on even in the rare instance that they are facts. I only let people know who I know would be interested and affected, if anyone. Usually that means hitting the "Delete" key.
  • Yes. I believe it's an excellent policy to have. I'm trying to teach this to my children as well. Don't accept that something is true unless you've taken the time to check. Especially, don't go around repeating interesting 'facts' that you haven't confirmed are true. It makes you look like a fool.
  • No, I like the idea of someone repeating the story...and then when it comes back to me, from a different source, laughing at their stupidity and putting them right. It makes me....superior to them somehow..... And THAT is a FACT.
  • I try to. SNOPES is a great website that investigates all sorts of urban legends. You would be suprised how many are true.
  • Not if I can make up something more interesting, or amusing. People generally appreciate the time and effort spent in the fabrication of some completely unverifiable, but somehow plausible nonsense, especially if it's backed up by unbelievably unlikely corroborative evidence, (also bogus) After all, if someone was going to lie, or make something up, surely they would back it up with a more credible source than some of the total Bullywank I've spun out in the past. Anyway, how do you think "facts" are made then? You just have to get enough people to repeat it, and pass it on, (about 20 people, I think) And then it Automatically attains Factual Status. It's the Law.
  • I learned early on to check anything questionable or uncertain with a reliable reference source such as snopes. You just might save yourself some embarrassment and egg-on-the-face. Rule Number 1 is ... don't believe everything you read in your e-mails!!!!! Have a happy day!!!
  • Never, im the type of person that just blabbs :(
  • Not if I can make something up, that is more entertaining.
  • I have one friend that has admitted he will sent me questionable content because he knows i will check it with snopes or some other site.
  • YES...I ALWAYS verify info before passing it on!!! Not only do I NOT forward misinformation, I also respond complete with links to whoever sent it to me to let them know what I had found.
  • I told my sister she was wrong once and she told me I wasn't the queen of the world, unfriended me and hasn't talked to me since. Its been nice, not arguing with her. But to answer honestly, not always.

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