• Yes it is. Check this out
  • Yes, advertising is effective because every business depends on advertisements or marketing. Advertising helps to increase sales and branding of the business.
  • Advertising is most effective to promote and engage the customers. It is most important because of to introduce your business with new audiences.
  • Advertising creates awareness about a product and not only that it creates a brand to a particular business.
  • Thus, do not become complacent and think that no one could ever influence you. (Compare 1 Corinthians 10:12.) Most likely it is already happening—more frequently than you might care to admit—without your even noticing. Take the simple example of what product you decide to buy when you go shopping. Is that always a purely personal, rational decision? Or do other people, often unseen, subtly but powerfully affect your choice? Investigative journalist Eric Clark thinks they do. “The more we are bombarded by advertising,” he says, “the less we notice, and yet, almost certainly, the more we are affected.” He also reports that when people are asked how effective they feel advertising is, “most agree that it works, but not on them.” People tend to feel that everyone else is vulnerable, but they are not. “Alone, it seems, they are immune.”—The Want Makers.
  • Advertising is effective because to promote our business and engage the customers...
  • Absolutely, especially good ones
  • Advertising and brainwashing are twins. One is evil and other is not, but both want the same outcome for the initiators.

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