• no but you should stop checking his email
  • I tried not to, but I couldn't resist. I found out he's still emailing a woman that he's been head over heels for for years. It looks like she has a kid and may be married. From what I can tell they've met up for coffee/lunch while he and I have been dating. In the emails I looked at from awhile back (before we were dating) he said she broke his heart yada yada. It doesn't look like he's officially cheated, but the fact that they email back and forth every few weeks really bothers me. (That and if they're such good friends, why haven't I met her?) There's never anything horribly bad, but there's definitely a very flirty vibe. Should I be upfront and say I couldn't resist temptation and looked at his emails or let sleeping dogs lie? We've been dating a year and a half and I also found an email that proves he was snooping around in January. Apparently he saw a pic of a girl that he had emailed before we met and since he saw her still on he emailed her to say hey what's up. If he had just looked at Match, I think that'd be one thing. The fact that he actually contacted someone bothers me. What are your thoughts?
  • Depends. How long do you want to stay with the guy?

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