• no I dont
  • Not only do I speak to them, sing to them and play them music, I also give them names. They seem happy enough with this arrangement.
  • Maybe that's what I was doing wrong!! I just can't seem to keep a houseplant alive.
  • You joking, My voice would be sure to kill them. WYW
  • No, not on purpose but I do talk to them as I care for them as I have since the 60s when scientists showed that happy talk influences plants condition around us.
  • Well not on purpose but since couple of plants do sit on top of my speakers, they end up getting a lot of metal music played to them. I'm not sure if they are very happy, they don't look too well. I wonder if I should switch to classical music? I don't talk or sing to the plants . I do talk to the spider in the corner a lot though. LOL. Call me crazy.
  • no cause i dont think they can hear me
  • 8-11-2008 No.
  • I sing and play music. Not necessarily 'to my house plants'.
  • An experiment done on several occasions shows plants can hear and feel. They took two identical plants planted in identical soil and given the same nutrients. They were placed in a protective soundproof room. Everything was as close to the same as could be done. One plant was played soft soothing music the other loud rock and roll music. The first plant that listened to soothing music flourished and grew whereas the other plant listening to hard loud rock and roll withered and died.
  • If you don't believe trees can feel and are aware of their surroundings look at trees with branches over a roadway. The tree does not grow down over the road but forms an arch just higher than the trucks and cars passing under the limbs. There is one tree I drive under every day in my school bus. The limbs form the usual arch however growing down some right above the striped white line then arching upward again over the inside lane. Don't tell me trees and plants do not have knowledge and feelings, they are living things and do have.

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