• chuck norris :( or the Packers organization The house always wins :( Look at what the house did to favre :( the house that lombardi built! I bet lombardi is turning in his grave right now he's probably DRILLING a hole in his grave thats how fast he's turning :(
  • Me..LOL :)
  • I know that one of my brothers, who is self taught, beat someone who was a black belt in karate.
  • the bartender =D
  • Street fighters fight really dirty, with plenty of cheap, dishonorable shots. I'll go with her.
  • I think it depends on what they are fighting for, and their mental state. The Martial Arts person with a Black belt would probably have more control over his movements, and he would probably be able to anticipate the street fighter's next moves. He would also know exactly where to punch, hit, kick, etc. to hurt the street fighter. But, the street fighter is probably more raw, he probably doesn't care much if he breaks a few bones, where as the martial artist is also defending himself while fighting the street fighter off. So it really depends on who has more motivation to win.
  • depends on what style of martial arts. each style has different things. for instance krav maga is all counter moves, judo is grappeling and throwing, karate, or tae kwon doe is both offensive and defensive, so it all depends on the style of fighter. martial arts is too broad, there are dozens if not hundreds of styles
  • OH UGINE!!!!!
  • Are we watching cage fighting on cable now that the kids are gone? Whatever, I'd go with the Black Belt in a bar fight. Knowing how, when and where to strike means a lot.
  • The street fighter, most martial artist have never been in a real fight, especially against someone who has learned on the streets. They practice forms, sparring and breaking boards more than they do self-defense and when they do it's a slowed down compliant partner drill against an opponent who they know will not hurt them, in a well-lit, spacious room, not a cramped, low-lit bar.
  • All other things equal, the street fighter would most likely win.

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