• I don't think there is a proven best method. The simple fact is that all women are different. Some ejoy one way, and other enjoy something else. The only way to be sure to give a woman an earth shattering orgasm by licking her, pay attention to her body language. She will tell you with moans, movements, or even words if she likes what you're doing. Do what gets her excited, and you can't go wrong.
  • First at the top of the vagina near her clit stretch the skin upward and with the tip of your tongue lick her clit really fast. While doing this sometimes finger her or lick her whole vagina with your whole tongue even sticking your tongue inside sometimes, but always go back to licking the clit fast with the tip of your tongue. If only I could get my husband to do it, I'd be in heaven
  • i dont know i have only ever sucked c$@k sammy dimenico
  • Depending on the women...some women prefer you lick her like a cat licking water (fast lick) and some prefer slow long lick from bottom of anus to the top of the clitoris...and some women prefer mix motions...
  • yank it like you're startin' a mower
  • The best,.. starts with the back (,… the very best starts in the shower). Full back rub top to bottom of feet. Roll over. Out each arm and spend time with each hand, kissing each of the fingertips. Message the forehead, cheeks, shoulders, round the breasts (you can cup, but do not touch the pointy bits), midsection, down a leg to the toes, back up (brush the bush), down the other leg. Back up and turn over for a full bottom rub. Then work the top of the leg, hip and lower bottom, spreading cheeks a bit and rubbing down towards the thighs brushing the goal. You're 10-20 minutes in. Back over, go back up and rub the shoulders just above the breasts and brush the pointy bits with your arms, occasionally. Little kisses here & there. Moving down again, spends more time around the breasts, brushing (but not grabbing) the pointy bits and kisses up down and around, but no sucking. Midsection again and this time spend time on a uterine massage (lower tummy). After some time there, you'll push down towards the thighs again, brushing the bush more frequently. If the legs aren't 120 degrees (or more) at this point, you can simply go back up to the upper areas. Otherwise, you move down along the thigh area and continue the massage focused in that area. Need I say don’t touch anything? Move between the legs and continue rubbing above the bush, along the thigh and down to the buttocks for several minutes, each side. Then stop, sit up and run from the knees/thighs up the chest and back down. If you’re naked at this point, as you run up to the chest, your little helper brushes the thighs. Then back down to the legs, NOT TOUCHING ANYTHING, you kiss and rub. Thighs, buttocks (yep you kiss her butt), over the bushy mound. NOW, you are going back up towards the chest with kisses and a bit of tongue. Some pointy bits play then up the neck and first with your nose, then tongue, behind the ear. If she is into that, nibble along the outer edge of the ear, get the lobe fully in your mouth then head back down (DON’T KISS HER). More pointy bits play, around with the tongue then little sucking (advanced course may use the teeth a bit, but not now). More uterine message then I like to sit up and rub her hips while I press against her lower areas. Back down and more kissing, this time wet kissing, licks here and there. Drag nose or chin across brushing gently. Warm exhaling as you go. Now at this point, you might find an extra pair of hands helping out so pay attention to them. Kisses up and down, brushing what they’re helping with. Licks and flicks between the fingers as if they are legs. As you run a tongue down the fingers, now brush against the target, but briefly. Up and down each a couple of times. Now I should caution, those hands may move to your ears and yikes, that yank hurts but teasing is fun! So the last time off the hands and across the target, keep heading south. Now you recall during the back rub, you spread the cheeks? You were checking out things. So based on that judgment, start with the nose at the perineum and tongue out and down (it's not gross, get used to it) in little swirls all the way up. Your nose should brushing things all the way above the mound with a follow through by the chin. On the way back down, go left or right. Save the middle every other or third trip up. Vary between point tongue and wide broad tongue. The key here is variety (everything has spam in it!). After up and down to get things going, you’ll want to back and forth on the target and sort of zigzag. Back to kissing outside the target zone up the leg, and then quickly back in. The back of the knee of all places should be visited. Now, not everyone is aware of the ABCs, but the last thing you want is to have her friends hear “he did the ABCs and was even humming the song”. So while it is an excellent idea to keep things random, I do not recommend them. BUT, there are letters that are exactly what you want to get from where you are to where you haven’t been in a while. So think cursive, think big circles, and DO NOT dot any i’s nor cross any T’s. A modified Y, Os, Ps (of course), upside down Ps, V (upside down), sort of a Z, J, N is a goodie. Mix those up with wide and pointy tongue. If you haven’t had your nose down south in a while, go down and up sllooowww. Exhale deeply as you go. Now keep in mind here, the goals is wet and soft for the first O. As you start to see the breathing become rhythmic (you are watching, looking up at the face, her hands and at the stomach) check out what things are working and become repetitive with those. Break it up by going down south, then back to focus target. You might suction lightly, but don’t wear that out. Your hands should be in spreading the forest (even if there is none), and brushing gently while you’re off elsewhere. Start to tease the tongue inside, but just. Going up it is easier to slide inside a bit, and flicker the lips while heading down (either side keep it random). As the O vercomes, repeat what was going on and press slightly harder. It may or may not be a head grabber, but that wasn’t the goal, just break the ice. So very lightly tongue and soft kissing as that subsides. Stay there so she knows you’re not going anywhere (wrap your arms around her legs). You can also go up for some mouth exploration while your hand remains. But now it’s time to get busy. Fingers are going places and that tongue is no longer bashful or soft. Bring it out as far as you possibly can. If you have not researched the Gspot or squirting, head off for some research, but remember, the goal is not pushing buttons just using motions (2 finger come hither). Very important you walk away with the understanding of CLEAN and WELL TRIMMED. So still exhaling and harder tongue, the fingers start to wander. Follow the same randomness of the letters but mix it up between tongue, finger, and sucking (noise here seems to help things). Run the tongue up the middle several times and the finger should be plenty slippery before proceeding. Slide down the middle several times, probing further in each time. Slideing further in as you slide down, NO POKING! Because of the angles, it is difficult to slide palm up, up without hitting nail (avoid nail). Work towards multiple fingers, as tongue goes up, press in and down, thumb can wander south. Other hand can go round and down, or up towards the chest, or help with the forest (if there isn’t another set there to help). Take a break with the researched techniques then back down. You can also use the finger techniques she uses (if you haven't watched her, ask her to show you next time,.. NEXT time). Vacuum the lips, and hood (suck them in then pull your head back slowly at first releasing as you go, reverse spagetti slerp sort of thing). Fingers and tongue going in as far as possible. Lather, rinse, repeat. O2 and she isn’t going anywhere? Further exploring south needs lots of lubrication. Fingers Yes, tongue is up to you, but trust me,.. go in. Maybe O3 is best left under advanced techniques, there's lots more there. See also small mechanical devices. Search “Liberator Wedge”. They make a 'black edition'. Tumbs up. Remember, 3 before thinking of yourself.
  • It's not rocket science. Just remember that the main player in this event is her clitoris and if you stray too far away from that, you're pretty much wasting your time and your tongue will get tired before you properly finish what you set out to do... Guys, you can be the wizard of tongue lashing and all your friend girls will be calling to invite you over on snow days once you learn to score big with her clitty. Girls talk about these things and may even giggle when they say your name if you're doing it right. Visit (and read) my favorite web site:
  • open the vagina lips with your hands gently and touch the tongue slowly on the clitoris. The partner will jump with joy and cooperate better.
  • My very favorite way to lick a lady is to have her sit on her mans lap and I get to lick her clit while she rides up and down on him. Did I mention that I also like to be the lady sitting on the dick while getting my clit licked.
  • many don't know this, but it feels way better if you lick less and suck more. :-)
  • Why can no good stuff ever happen to me?? wow I want that man that was here last night to come back read this and do all of the above!!!
  • Don't forget to lick her anus too maybe before you gently insert a finger lubricated with her love juice. Try 69 and insert a finger into her anus one into her vagina then with same hand gently massage her clit. It can be done quite easily and drives my lady crazy..
  • What ever you do don't rush it just enjoy the whole experience. There is nothing hornier than an aroused woman sitting on your face.

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