• If you go to or any other employment site, there are numerous jobs offered to work from home. One thing I know, is if you have to pay THEM to start, dont apply.
  • maybe by starting your own business at home
  • Sell it!
  • Advertise online.
  • Prostitution is a good home based business.
  • You have alot of options like, make a blog, record videos, review products.. write text.. This answer would be normal 1 year ago. Today there is 1 answer Crypto is the answer! Best thing is to invest in crypto is now before mass adoption comes. Look at Btc x 20.000times look at ETH x1000 times. Alot of other cryptos. Go there search for new promising technology and invest money that you can afford to loose - even 100usd could be lifechanging in 1-2 years I have invested in Monero at 4 and Ethereum 7 usd (last year). I would take a look at improved technologies based on Bitcoin which are totally anonymoys and secure. Now I am looking at potential gem out there it is called Deeponion. Todays price is 4 usd and I see potential to jump over 100 in 6–12 months. My predictions are based on their TOR technology and smartcontracts planned which are true breaktrough. The also have maybe the largest community in cryptoworld. Forseeing the future is what makes rich guys richer. Do your own research and take your freedom in your own hands.
  • With good paper and a really nice printing press : )
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      You don't mean counterfeit right?
  • not sure but when you figure it out let me know
  • gig economy and freelancing are the two best legit ways

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