• It is my understanding if you default on payments, even if you only owe one, your car can be repossessed. If you have problems a phone call will usally stop those kind of things, at least for a while. Cars are taken off of private property all the time, out of driveways, work parking lots, and number of places.
  • Loan companies send out many notices, before they repo a vehicle. you apparently have had plenty of notice and knew this was coming. Repo people generally stay within the law, while repoing a vehicle. Yes, they can come onto private property to repo a vehicle. after, most cars are on private property. Paying one third of the loan does not matter. its the other two thirds thats outstanding. By now, your car is probably in the hands of the loan company at an undisclosed location.
  • I just repoed a truck that the debtor only owed 1600.00. Amount owed means nothing, if you stop paying you lose your ride.

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