• It depends on how many shots you are getting. If you are going to the vet, my bill usually runs around $45 for the check-up and shots. We also have a pet store that will sell you the shots in the syringes and you can give the shots yourself. This is a lot cheaper if you know what shots your dog needs.
  • It depends on whether you go to the vet, use a clinic, or do it yourself. Vets will charge from $20 to $50 for shots, while a clinic will usually do it for about $10-20. You can buy the regular 7-way shots from a vet supply or feed store for about $3, but a rabies shot needs to be given by a vet. If you are going to do it yourself, make sure you know how to give a shot properly and when and where it needs to be given. Most are sub-Q shots that are given under the skin of the neck. If it's too traumatic for you or the dog, you're best off with a vet.

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