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  • This says it all
  • Many do. Read this post:
  • Every woman I've had it with likes it (some were anal virgins)-one of the virgins is still talking about it (she moved out of town so we have had the opportunity for a follow up persormance). Certain women won't even consider it. And generally won't talk about whether they've had unpleasant experiences or just find the idea off-putting.
  • My wife LOVES it-as long as i'm really patient and use tons of lube. She seems to love it as much as vaginal sex!
  • NOOOOO! WORST EXP. EVER! lol. i got no pleasure what so ever! never again!! ;]
  • Sex? Of course woman like sex! Woman are lucky too, we have more areas of pleasure then men! :) -Jessica Edgell soon to be Zeidler.
  • Easy question some do some don't, guess you've had luck finding the ones that do.. Remember take it easy with her backside and use alot of lube.
  • Ever woman I know HATES it and so do I If you want of give someone anal go find a man to do it with cuz thats what you like apparently
  • Sure, lots of women do. Some guys like it too.. :]
  • its a sin!!!!!!!!! but some women love it
  • I like it but only because my partner goes absolutely wild for it. I love knowing that he loves it. I get no pleasure out of it but just knowing my boyfriend loves it gets me going.
  • I did it once and never did it again.
  • sum women are simultaneously dragged into the act at the peak of their sex drive
  • I love it!!!
  • I enjoy anal sex!
  • Some do! And some don't. But most of them that don't haven't tried it and are afraid to. Not to mention that it is still considered taboo here in the US still. I have had two GF that liked it. It does add a little something different to the old routine.
  • Only a few like it, many tried it, most gave it up. The main problem for many men: Just think a second if they would like to be fucked in the ass! I like anal sex, really, but I do not like to be fucked. Not a psychological problem, more physically.
  • Seriously, dude, it would depend on the SIZE. Sometimes you just have to say no, if only to prevent emergency room visits in the middle of the night (there have been cases where people's *ahem* had to have some stitches).
  • Depends on the woman. I will admit I do. It's something a person has to have patience for, though.
  • I really, really like it. The first few times were a little painful, but once you get used to it, it is very, very pleasurable.
  • My girl friend can't stand it at all; I spent a year trying to convince her to let me do it. Finally after all that nagging I got it and to no surprise she was very upset about it afterwards. I'm not sure exactly weather it's the psychological problem with it, in terms of what it means to happen to her or the physical factor of how much it hurt her or even both.. It's really stressed me out because I enjoyed it as much as I thought it would but I know I'll either never get it out of her again or if I do she'll just hate it as much as the first time. I wish I knew how to make her enjoy it because I know that's physically possible for a woman.
  • i think the correct question is do men enjoy it too??!!Frankly i think its a selfish act on the part of the man as ....well he's got an anus too right!!! If i was the woman i wud consent only if he wud allow me to buy the biggest vibrator on the market and do him too at the same time!!!....i think that's fair!!
  • They do if it's done right. (Right being: Slowly, carefully, with lube, and preferably by someone who's experienced it, perhaps by experimenting on themselves.)
  • okay! i just managed to grab some stats from a news article on the net. It says that for women in US 22+ yrs in age 1 in 3 have had anal sex.Isnt that a hair raiser! but the article also says it is very risky as far as HIV exposure goes and i quote"Oral sex is 10 times safer than vaginal sex. Anal sex is five times more dangerous than vaginal sex and 50 times more dangerous than oral sex." So looks like anal sex is very risky business!! so the question now is ,is it worth the exposure??? Ladies perhaps if it comes to crunch time just give your man a good blowjob, i think its alot safer!!!!
  • Yes women like anal sex, not all do but many do. Getting a women to try it is the hardest part. For anal sex to be enjoyable for a women you need to be very patient and allow the women total control. My wife loves anal play (fingers, toys etc) but not so much anal intercourse because if not done right it can really be a drag and neither of you will finish. The mood needs to be 100% right for anal sex to be fun, heres a short list of things to do. This is going to sound disgusting but its the truth, I call it the test. During anal fairplay if you suddenly "bump" into an object in her anals (yes I mean doo doo) anal sex is off limits tonight. Pushing back fecal matter into her body with your pennis is severly painful for a women, and even more disgusting if something falls out and if that happens she will never ever let you do it again. Get lub a lot of it, and have plenty of sex toys available but make sure they are not too big. My suggestion, get her warmed up a lot of foreplay(anal foreplay, use fingers and dildos). Once the rectum is warm and loose and well lubricated it becomes more comfortable for her to enjoy anal sex. Get her to orgasm once let her rest. Round two is always the toughest for a women to orgasm so their much more willing to go the extra mile to finish round two. The best position is missionary for anal sex not doggy style as one might think. Use a lot of lub and go slow. I recomend not going too deep too fast because that can be painful, the sphincter muscle reacts as an outward valve not wanting to accept anything going in. Once you get sliding in and out with ease massage her clitoris with your hand or a vibrator. It shouldnt take long after this, she may finish before you even get the chance to. My wife likes a g spot vibrator in her vagina while we are having anal intercourse she then enjoys rubbing herself during this. The last rule of anal sex is not too often but not too little. What I mean by this is don't over do it, lay off the anal area for a while, trust me she miss it and start asking you why you are not going down there anymore and if she's wearing a thong while she's asking you it means game on. Good luck
  • i do only if he goes in slow and he has to use lube cause it hurts like hell if he done use lube and even if he does the first few times it really hurts
  • Some of us do.

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