• Darth Sidious. Voldemort's greatest power was his ability to charm and inspire fear to make powerful people follow him. He may have been mighty, but Darth Sidious (who's greatest power was the same thing) has far more powerful allies. There's Vader (his right hand man) vs Beatrix. He'd force push her wand out of her hand (knowing that she was about to cast a spell) then choke her to death. Then, he'd turn to Voldemort and repeat. I am also not sure if the Avada Kedavra (omg I can spell it) would work vs Vader as he's mostly machine.
  • I would give it to Voldemort, for while they are even with deception, I think Sidious would be outranked, for force lightning is not that much of a hurdle, given the force is not as studied as the dark arts of hogwarts.

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