• 1 in Elementary School (Social Studies), 1 in middle school (German), 4 in High School (Physics, Computer Science, Gym, and Calculus), a lot in College.
  • Many Male teachers at High school predominantly came into the School from outside to teach advanced mathematics and sciences. In University ALL my lecturers were male
  • It's funny as a child I would think it was strange when I has a male teacher, because there were so few of them. In college it is the opposite, I have had numerous male professors and few female.
  • Elementary school: 1 Middle School: 6-8 High School: 12-15 College: Nearly all male
  • Elementary- 0 Junior High- 3 except during a several month strike when the replacements were mainly male High School- 6 College- 50%
  • Elementary: 1; language arts/social science Jr. High: 4; band, math/science, P.E., and social science I'm still in junior high.

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