• Well, if you're going by category, you could define them into Action, Horror, Romance, Humor, Sci-Fi, fantasy, all the categorys you can put books into, you can put manga and anime into just as easily. If this is'nt what you meant, the I'm sorry for wasting your time.
  • WAAAAAAAAAY too many! When you think you've counted and/or seen them ALL, please tell me!! >.<
  • Too many to count.
  • If you mean categories, then you can basically group them into normal ones like action, romance, etc. If it's japanese manga, you can group them into these genres: -Shojo: young or teenage girls -Shonen: young or teenage boys -Hentai: Porn -Kodomo: children -Robot/Mecha: robots (duh) -Battling companion: (yup, this exists) refers to mangas where young boys fight evil with monsters -Shojo-ai/yuri: lesbian romance -Shonen-ai/yaoi: gay romance -Josei/redicomi: for women -Seinen: for men -Dojinshi: fan art There are also some other categories, but are less common. If you're talking about the exact number of mangas out there in the world, then unfortunately, I can't help you, but I can tell you the number is bigger than 30,000. If someone actually finds and answer to how many manga there are, then please care to tell us, we want to know.
  • The main ones are: shoujo, for young girls shounen, for young boys kodomo, for little kids josei, for adult women seinen, for adult men And then within those five ones, there are types for the kind of story, like: shoujo ai, lesbian love shounen ai, gay love bi shoujo, beautfiul girl or girl wanted by many guys bi shounen, boy surrounded wanted by many girls harem, boy surrounded by girls though the girls may not like the boy ecchi, kinkiness magical girl, the main character is a girl who has magical powers magical girlfriend, the main character is a guy who has mecha, robots (usually big, walking ones) ...And more. A damn lot more. Would you like me to tell all of them to you?
  • -hentai -kodomo -yen plus -shogo beat -shonen jump ...

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