• lol, thats hard. if they were in a movie together that would be torture.
  • Both are equally annoying.
  • I'm more familiar with Steven Segal, and I must say I find him extremely annoying. He tries to act the part of a great "tough" martial artist, when in fact he doesn't know how to act, he's slow and awkward on film, and he looks chunky and overweight. And a scowling, old guy wearing a ponytail just doesn't cut it! Lol.
  • Lol...grab a coin, but I would have to say Van Diesel because the way he talks, I liked some of the earlier Segal movies "Under Siege 1-2" but he has a pussy stance when he's fighting...Give me good old Chuck Norris any day! "When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Chuck Norris."
  • Vin Diesel is more annoying to me. At least Seagal is an excellent martial artist ... one that can not act at all. Vin is a bad actor, but at least he can act a bit, however Vin's martial arts are always very sloppy.
  • Gee, that's a hard one. I avoid both! I'll choose their brother:-)
  • what i thought had to be a male to ask that question. they arent annoying. i'm sorry that you would feel inadequet standing in a row with you in the middle of him . really to sit their and pick on someone you must not be at all as near as handsome and talented as these guys are. no they are actors but the moves like for chuck norris are real. so back off.
  • Segal is.
  • That's easy, Stephen Segal. I find Vin Diesel very easy on the eyes especially in the Fast and Furious. I like his accent too.

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